Trust & Safety Advisory

Creating a safe and trustworthy environment for your users is fundamental to your organization's success. Our Trust & Safety Advisory service takes a comprehensive, multi-layered approach:

Risk Assessment: We begin by conducting a thorough review of your products and operations, identifying potential areas where harm could occur or where your technology could be misused by malicious actors.

Strategic Planning: Based on our risk assessment, we create a strategic plan that incorporates industry best practices and specific guidelines to address identified risks.

Policy Development: We help you develop or refine policies that instill a culture of trust and safety, ensuring these policies align with industry standards and legal requirements.

Sanctions Monitoring: In today’s global business environment, complying with sanctions is essential. We provide a comprehensive solution to monitor and ensure compliance with international and domestic sanctions, preventing potential legal and reputational risks.

User/Vendor Due Diligence: We perform rigorous due diligence checks on users and vendors to prevent fraudulent activities and to ensure that they align with your company's safety and ethical standards.

Implementation Support: We provide ongoing support during the implementation process to ensure that trust and safety measures are integrated seamlessly into your operations.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: We monitor the effectiveness of implemented strategies and make adjustments as needed, ensuring that your trust and safety mechanisms evolve with changing circumstances and threats.

Red Team Operations

Our Red Team Operations service focuses on exposing vulnerabilities and strengthening defenses in your AI systems and digital platforms:

Threat Modeling: We model potential threat scenarios that could exploit system vulnerabilities, which includes understanding threats from generative artificial intelligence systems like phishing attempts or influence operations.

Simulated Attacks: Our team conducts simulated attacks on your systems from the perspective of potential adversaries to identify vulnerabilities and weak points in your security infrastructure.

Actionable Insights: We provide detailed reports outlining discovered vulnerabilities, the potential impact, and recommend remedial actions.

Mitigation Strategies: We help you develop robust mitigation strategies to address identified vulnerabilities and enhance your overall security posture.

Retesting: After implementing our recommended changes, we conduct retesting to ensure the effectiveness of the new measures and provide further recommendations if necessary.

Fraud Prevention & Mitigation

Our Fraud Prevention & Mitigation service takes a proactive approach to protecting your organization:

Fraud Risk Assessment: We start by assessing your existing systems and identifying potential loopholes that could be exploited for fraudulent activities.

Strategy Development: Based on our assessment, we develop a comprehensive strategy for fraud prevention that includes early detection mechanisms, rapid response procedures, and continuous monitoring systems.

System Implementation: We assist in the implementation of robust fraud prevention and detection systems, ensuring they are integrated smoothly into your existing infrastructure.

Training and Awareness: We provide training to your teams, making them aware of potential fraud risks and teaching them how to respond effectively.

Ongoing Support and Review: We provide ongoing support and conduct regular reviews to ensure that your systems remain up-to-date with the latest fraud prevention techniques and measures.